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Welcome to The Native Son’s Virtual Museum

This Virtual Museum is dedicated to all the families and friends that have traveled from far and beyond to call St. Croix their home.

The Native Son

My name is Julio Encarnacion III, better known as “The Native Son”. I was born and raised on the East-End part of St. Croix. My interest in the culture and history of the Virgin Islands started from a very young age. Following my dream and the inspiration of my mentors, has led me to becoming the first Chief Conservator for the United States Virgin Islands.
As a young boy, I was always entertained by my family and listened attentively as they spoke about the “Good ‘Ole Days” on the island of St. Croix. My grandparents’ stories inspired me to collect artifacts of the past. My passion grew stronger after my great uncle gave me a Danish West Indies cent that was weathered by the ocean. Since then, I have always had an interest in artifacts and learning the art of preservation. I’m grateful for my high school years at St. Joseph High where I was educated on our local history and studied significant situations that made our history so exquisite.
After graduating from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, I moved to Boca Raton, Florida where I pursued Business Administration and Marketing at Lynn University. From day one, I was home sick and began to brainstorm ways I could keep my two feet on St. Croix. History and social media played a large role with helping me stay connected with Virgin Islanders all over the world. March 31st, 2017 was the birth of “The Native Son “website ( This website features some of my historical photos, music, maps, and local natives that have inspired me to continue preserving our culture. Some of the items in my collection are photos, postcards, coins, medals, Indian Art, articles, books, documents and signatures by prominent local figures.
I have had many opportunities to instill the importance of preserving our culture and history to our youth. During the Centennial activities, I was featured in the St. Croix This Week, St. Croix Avis, Daily News and other media sources regarding my work. I strive to continue building my treasure trove of Virgin Islands artifacts, inspire residents of all ages in cultural preservation and serve as an ambassador in reintroducing U.S. Virgin Islands history to the world!

What is so interesting about the U.S. Virgin Islands?

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Below you can select to view photographs taken by The Native Son and where other photographers will have a chance to present their photos too!

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